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The Gomoku


The Gomoku is a completely free Gomoku app with 10 levels of play from beginner to expert!--------------------------------------------------------What is Gomoku ?
Gomoku is a Japanese board game played between 2 players, and also called as 'Five in a Row', 'Gobang' and 'Tic Tac Toe'. The rules are simple, just be the first player to make 5 stones in a line.
■ 10 Difficulty Levels
We have provided 10 levels of play and the highest level 10 is very tough to beat.The lower levels are perfect for beginners so enjoy and learn the game by beating the AI.
■Choose from 2 Rule Settings
-Rule Restrictions OffThere are no rule restrictions for both Black and White.
-Rule Restrictions On3x3 moves are not allowed to be played, 4x4 moves are allowed.A row of 6 or more stones will not be judged as a win and the game will continue.Above rules will be applied for both Black and White.
■Human vs Human gamesPlease strengthen your skill and play games with your friends with this feature.
■ Friendly 3 input methodsYou can choose from 3 options of input methods (Zoom, Cursor & Touch).
■Features-Human vs Computer, Human vs Human(sharing a single device)-Undo moves-10 Computer Levels-Saves history of your stats-3 different types of board and stones -Highlight the last move-Automatic and manual replay of a game -Tells your turn (Vibration)